Buyer Protection

We know that you have many choices to meet your educational product needs, and that’s why we’ve created the AmazED Buyer Protection program. This program is built on 3 pillars:

  1. Premium sellers
  2. Shopper-centric policies
  3. Payment security

All sellers on AmazED Markets must meet various criteria in order to be approved to list products on our marketplace. Our approval process helps to ensure that while we allow a wide variety of businesses to participate so shoppers the widest possible selction of products, we maintain high standards to ensure the best possible shopping experience. 

Once sellers are approved and begin listing products, they are required to observe rules and regulations as set forth by AmazED Markets. Like most marketplaces, sellers are responsible for fulfilling orders, and handling returns, exchanges, and other issues. Sellers must abide by minimum terms as set forth by AmazED Markets. Sellers that do not abide by these policies will risk suspension or expulsion from AmazED Markets. 

Finally, AmazED Markets makes technology choices that ensure shopper protection. Payments for purchases on AmazED Markets are processed securely with PayPal, a world leader in online payments. Whether you sign up for a PayPal account, or simply pay with your credit card, we’ve chosen PayPal to keep your credit card data safe and secure. Please visit PayPal Buyer Protection to learn more about how PayPal plays a vital role in protecting you and PayPal Returns to learn about PayPal’s program for free returns.*

Shop with confidence at AmazED Markets. 

*PayPal programs and restrictions are at the sole discretion of PayPal and may be changed without notice.