Cancellations and Returns

Items listed on the AmazED Marketplace are fulfilled by the seller. Sellers may list unique return policies for their items, which will be visible on the product pages within our website. Please be aware that some products may have restocking fees, and it may be your responsibility to pay for return shipping. 

To request to cancel an order or return an item, please contact the seller directly. All returns must be shipped directly to the seller. 

Additionally, once you’ve received your order, if you log back into AmazED’s website and proceed to review your orders, you’ll find a “Return” link associated with your order. This link will bring you to a form, which will allow you to reach out to the seller to let them know that you’re seeking to return an item, such as if an item arrived damaged, or the item that arrived was not as described.

Any refunds will be made via PayPal, returning funds to the credit or debit card, or PayPal account used to make your payment. For information about the process and timelines under which the seller may process a refund, please refer to the item page. Keep in mind that refunds may not be processed until an item is returned to the seller and the seller has checked the item back into inventory or otherwise confirmed the nature of the problem with the item.

As an added benefit, since AmazED transactions leverage PayPal, you may enjoy benefits such as PayPal Buyer Protection and PayPal Returns.*

*PayPal programs and restrictions are at the sole discretions of PayPal, and may be changed without notice.