Whether you use a PayPal account, or use your credit or debit card directly, all Payments made on the AmazED website are processed by PayPal, an industry leader in online payments. 

Please visit PayPal Buyer Protection to learn more about how PayPal plays a vital role in protecting you, and PayPal Returns to learn about PayPal’s program for free returns*.

PayPal provides an extra layer of protection in case there is any issue with your order. 

You're Protected by PayPal If*:

1. You were charged for anything that you did not purchase.

2. Your item(s) never arrive.

3. Your order is delivered to you, but is significantly different than what was described or sold, such as if:

  • You received an entirely different product. 
  • The item is incomplete, and this was not disclosed in the product information listed at the time of sale. 
  • You didn’t receive the correct quantity of the product that you ordered.
  • The product arrived damaged.
  • The item that you received is counterfeit.

*PayPal programs and restrictions are at the sole discretion of PayPal, and may be changed without notice.